Frequently Asked Questions

Which no-code platform should I choose?

It depends on the needs and the nature of the final product you want to build. There are two broad categories of no-code platforms: one for building applications and one for building websites or web applications. Bubble is a great tool for creating web applications. Webflow, on the other hand, is mainly used for building marketing websites, but you can also build simple web applications by using other no-code tools like Xano, a no-code database. Finally, the best tool for building applications is FlutterFlow.

I have an idea and want to build a digital product. How do you do your estimation?

You need to prepare a document describing the functionalities, defined priorities, and an assessment of your time commitment during the project implementation (when and how much are you available). Based on the information you give us and our experience, we offer you an estimate that includes the hours required for completing the project. Usually, especially for startups, additional requirements arise during the implementation phase, affecting the solution's final cost. But don't worry; this need for flexibility is taken into account from early on, so we can be flexible with changing the scope at all times.

Do I need a whole team, or is a solo freelance enough to build an application?

Indeed, if you want to build a simple app to validate your assumptions, having only one developer is absolutely okay. However, if you want a holistic approach with highly specialized developers who can build a scalable app, you'd be better off hiring a team. Many aspects of development need to be taken care of, from architecture, database structure, testing, and project management. It's very likely that a single developer can't correctly handle all these tasks unless he cuts a lot of corners, and that's not what you want for the future of your app since adding features may become more challenging over time.

Why FlutterFlow?

FlutterFlow is built upon technologies from Google, with a solid team that has just raised a lot of money. So you can be sure that the future of the platform is bright. Also, FlutterFlow offers the ability to export the code of your no-code app, which is very important if you don’t want to throw your app away quickly.

How to work with you?

Here's how to get started:
We'll begin with a 30-minute discovery call to discuss your business idea.
Next, we'll brainstorm the most efficient and cost-effective way to build your project.
I'll send you a fixed quote. If you agree, we can get started. (We only require a 30% upfront payment).
After your app is developed, we will provide free maintenance for 60 days, including unlimited bug fixes and more.

How do I know Realistack is right for me?

If you are someone who:
Wants to build an app quickly.
Design a digital product quickly.
Values full transparency.
Values agility over perfect execution.
If so, we are a great fit! We work with tech startup founders who want to ship blazing fast and focus on distribution while we take care of the product.

Who runs this agency?

Realistack is currently a one-person team, which means you'll communicate directly with the founder, Parham, who is me. This direct line of communication minimizes the risk of miscommunication and reduces the layers you need to go through to get things done. I may involve designers or developers whom I will manage, but I will remain your primary point of contact.
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