The Best Product Management Resources for Expert Insights & Strategies

The sea of existing information about product management can be daunting. This article aims to simplify your search. Let's examine together the best product management resources every product manager or aspiring PM should know about.

Product Management Training and Courses

Growth Design's Product Psychology Masterclass

Growth Design is a website with lots of good insight given in small bites that can be consumes on a regular basis. They recently launched a course for designers that follows that same psychology of teaching design in a clear and concise manner.

Career Foundry

At Career Foundry, you get to dive right into the nitty-gritty of product management. They guide you from the basics all the way to advanced subjects. As a cherry on top, they teach you how to include AI in your workflow. It’s a great course if you want to learn the best practices of product management quickly.

Product School

Product School is where you go to learn from the best. They can teach you exactly what you are looking for and therefore are mostly suited for more advanced people. They give you certificates after the completion of a usually 5-day intensive training with the teacher of your choice.

Berkeley's Product Management Course

In his product management course, Berkeley gives you strong theoretical knowledge but also provides the experience of people working in the industry. You’ll learn how to think on your feet, make smart choices, and lead teams, all from some of the smartest folks in academia.

Online Communities for Product People

Mind The Product

Mind The Product is the biggest community for product people. It’s a huge community where people share cool ideas, solve problems together, and meet up at events. It’s a fun way to learn new things and meet people who are as excited about products as you are.

Women in Product

Women in Product is an inspiring organization for women in product management. They are all gathering ambitious women together, sharing stories, and helping each other climb the career ladder. The webinars and workshops are very helpful and it’s a great place to find mentors or friends.

Product Coalition

Product Coalition is a treasure chest of articles, podcasts, and more—all about products. If you love diving deep into topics like product analytics or how to plan your product strategy, this is the place for you.

Hacker Noon

On Hacker Noon, you can read up on all sorts of tech-related things, including product management subjects. They have a cool way of breaking down tricky topics so everyone can get the hang of it.

Creative Product Managers

If you're tired of the same old ways and want to try something new, check out Creative Product Managers. This community is all about thinking differently and being creative in your projects. You’ll find lots of fresh ideas and creative people here!

Best Product Newsletters

Growth Design

Growth Design sends out super cool newsletters filled with real-life examples of how companies make their apps and websites better. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the brains of top designers. Perfect for grabbing quick, smart tips to use right away.

Product HQ

Product HQ keeps you in the loop with all the latest trends and tools in product management. Their newsletters are packed with insights from pros, making it one of the best product management resources for staying sharp and informed.

Dan Olsen’s newsletter

Dan Olsen’s newsletter is a goldmine for anyone looking to get serious about lean product methods. He breaks down complex ideas into easy steps that you can start using in your projects today.

Must-Read PM Books

Below is a list of the books we recommend for product managers, If you want to know more about the books that are often overlooked, you can check out our guide here.


"Inspired" by Marty Cagan is a must-have on your shelf if you're dreaming of creating products people love. It’s filled with stories and advice from his experience at big tech companies, showing you how to tackle common challenges.

The Lean Product Playbook

"The Lean Product Playbook" by Dan Olsen is like your personal coach for building products that customers can’t wait to get their hands on. It lays out a clear plan that anyone can follow to find out what users really need and deliver just that.

Evidence-Guided: Creating High Impact Products in the Face of Uncertainty

This book teaches you how to make smart product decisions even when things are uncertain. You'll learn how to gather and use data to back up every choice you make, keeping your project on track.

Discovery Discipline

"Discovery Discipline" dives into how you can find great product ideas right from the start. It’s packed with techniques for testing out your ideas fast, so you can focus on what works without wasting time.

The Product Book

Covering everything from A to Z in product management, "The Product Book" gets you up and running with all the basics. It’s straightforward and full of practical tips—great for beginners or anyone needing a quick refresher.

The Mom Test

"The Mom Test" offers clever tactics for talking to customers about your ideas without getting misleading compliments. It shows how to get honest feedback, helping you make products that really solve problems.

Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making

In "Build," Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod, shares his secrets on creating products that make a difference. His stories inspire and teach how to think differently about design and innovation.


Silicon Valley Product Group

The Silicon Valley Product Group blog is where top thinkers like Marty Cagan share their wisdom on tech products. It’s full of deep dives into topics like how to build teams that innovate and how to lead without losing sight of the customer.


Reforge offers blog posts that blend cutting-edge theory with tactical advice. If you’re ready to take your product skills up a notch, their articles on growth strategies and case studies can be super helpful.

Product Podcasts Every Product Manager Needs to Know

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale, hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, is a fantastic product podcast where big names in business share how they grew from startups to giants. It's perfect for grabbing ideas on scaling your business and managing products successfully. Each episode is a lesson in innovation and finding what works best in the fast-paced tech world.

Unsolicited Feedback

For real talk about the ups and downs of managing products, check out Unsolicited Feedback. This podcast gives you the inside scoop from actual product managers who aren't afraid to share their stumbles and successes. It’s like having a chat with a friend who knows all the ins and outs of the product world.

Product Roadmaps: A Tool for Every Product Leader

Product Management Templates From Product School

Product School offers some of the best product management resources, including top-notch templates for product roadmaps. These templates help you visualize your product's path, keep your team aligned, and make sure everyone knows the plan. It’s a must-have tool for leading your product confidently from idea to launch.

Linear for Features Prioritization

Linear helps you handle the tricky task of deciding which product features to focus on first. It’s a sleek tool that makes prioritization clear and manageable, helping your team stay focused on what truly matters for your product’s success.

Product Analytics: Key to a Successful Product


Mixpanel is a powerhouse when it comes to understanding how users interact with your products. With its detailed analytics, you can see what’s working and what’s not, making it easier to tweak things for better performance. If you’re serious about making data-driven decisions, Mixpanel is the way to go.


Amplitude offers deep insights into user behavior that can transform how you develop and refine your products. It shows you patterns in how users engage with your product, helping you make smarter choices about design and features. For anyone looking to boost their product’s impact, Amplitude has the tools you need.


How to Become a Great Product Manager?

First, start by sharpening your skills with some of the best product management resources out there. Dive into courses like those offered by Product School or read up on key strategies in books such as "Inspired" by Marty Cagan. Practical experience is crucial, too. Try to get hands-on with projects where you can lead teams and make real decisions. Remember, communication and understanding your customers' needs are key, so always listen and adapt.

Why Good Product Thinking is Essential in Product Management?

Great product thinking is vital because it ensures you're always focused on creating value for your users. It's not just about building stuff; it's about building the right stuff. By understanding your users’ problems and crafting solutions that truly meet their needs, you increase the chances of your product's success in the market. This mindset helps prioritize features, tackle challenges, and innovate in ways that align with user expectations and business goals.

How can product podcasts enhance a product manager's learning?

Product podcasts, such as Masters of Scale and Unsolicited Feedback, serve as excellent educational resources. They offer real-world insights and firsthand experiences from leading product managers and entrepreneurs. Listening to these can help you understand diverse perspectives and learn about different approaches to product challenges, which is essential for broadening your understanding and enhancing your skills.

Why is joining an online community beneficial for product managers?

Communities such as Mind The Product or Product Coalition are valuable because they connect you with experts who can share valuable experiences and advice. These platforms allow for the exchange of ideas, feedback on challenges, and discussions on the latest trends in product management, making them invaluable for both personal growth and professional networking.

What role do product management books play in a manager's development?

Product management books, such as "Inspired" by Marty Cagan as they help you understand the strategies that lead to successful product management. These books provide structured knowledge, from conceptualizing ideas to executing strategies effectively, offering a comprehensive learning experience that covers both theory and practical application.

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